NFL Week 5- London Calling

Week 5 is upon us with the Rams beating the Seahawks yesterday.

London games start this week! Anyone going?


Yeah I’m going. Shame the matchup is poor but it’s always fun day out


Not going but after the Jets showed some signs of life last week it looks like it could at least be a competitive game which is always good. The worst London games I’ve been to have been the blowouts, everyone just loses interest and the stadium is deserted by the beginning of the 4th quarter.

Wonder if Russ missing time might be what tips this into being a rebuilding year for Seattle.


Fucking hell, that’s appalling. You’d hope for at least a suspension if not more (but knowing the NFL it’ll be just a fine)

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Russ out for 6 weeks apparently. It’s Geno time


Wait, the Raiders have a tight end called DEREK CARRIER

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Not liking those ATL uniforms.

Not liking that Roughing the Passer call either (I know under the new rules it is technically correct, but fucking hell)

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Almost as bad as the Rams’ efforts

hey now

the Falcons unis are one of the least worst things about the franchise rn


vibe on Jets possessions rn

still, @jont2001 and everyone else gets to watch Pitts and the GOAT (Patterson)


wow though, the Jets have got to be complete bums for it to be this easy

guessing they’ll start to be less awful as the game goes on??

Another classic London game then


Jets are fucking shit


oh no Zach Wilson


very charitable, Hayden

Some vintage Jameis there.

Did my annual cycle-from-Cambridge-to-somewhere-kinda-far-away today, this year’s destination Tottenham. After 80 miles I found myself confronted with closed roads and huge crowds. Had no idea the game was at WHL, assumed it was Wembley as usual. Took me 15 minutes to even get into the station!

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