NFL Week 5 Thread

Funny part of the season this, a lot of very confusing win-loss records on the books, and still time for plenty of things to change.

Jags - Chiefs looks like the fun match-up of the week, when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.



Niiice catch from gordon for the td last night.

Pats predictably starting to come together.

never change, Ndamukong*

Just when it looked like the Colts weren’t going to be blown out and there was a chance of a come back last night… patriots get a turnover and go back up 2 scores and never in doubt again.

Lions-Packers, Steelers-Falcons, Chiefs-Jags, and I reckon Vikings-Eagles could all be really good games. Curious to see what Patricia has in store for Rodgers and McCarthy - you’d think him and Belichik would have schemed a few specific game plans in the event of playing against Rodgers over the years, even if it hasn’t happened that much in a crunch game. But then the Lions didn’t hold much water against the Cowboys last week so who knows what to expect.

*except when trying to break people’s ankles after the play. That sucks.

Annoyed that Chiefs-Jags is on sky, and so blacked out on gamepass, and then vikings-eagles! The late game isn’t so bad as redzone only covers 4 games, so you can follow it pretty well off that, but it’s still not the same.

If I watch (might take advantage of the bears bye and, ugh, spend some time with the TV) I figure it’ll be lions-packers and then redzone.

What’s got everyone else’s fancy?

Have taken to getting the NowTV day passes when the best game is on Sky, now that I don’t really follow a team the full gamepass package feels like a waste of money. Will watch Jags v Chiefs and as much of Eagles v Vikings as I can stay awake for.

It’s a pretty great 1-2 today

Makes up for the Dolphins v Patriots aberration from last week I suppose (cue two penalty ridden 6-3 snooze fests).

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Don’t worry, I’ve jinxed it now. Chiefs to be 2 scores up early followed by a combined 10 points over 3 quarters, followed by the rams line knocking out cousins on the first drive and (checks depth chart) oooh Trevor Simien trying to throw to the vikings’ wideouts

Raiders Seahawks tickets arrived today.

Bloody love Wembley NFL games :slight_smile:

That should be fun, would much rather see two well-matched bad teams than one good team battering a bad one.

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Got briefly excited about this until I remembered that they played last week.

The Rams line will be up against the Seahawks this week, which probably shouldn’t be legal.

Yeah I realised that shortly after - meant philly line obvs.

Genuinely worried for Russel Wilson’s health. Let’s hope his magic water he gets paid to promote can do the trick

Mason Crosby desperately trying to get himself cut

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Jags are in a twenty point hole with only themselves to blame.

1st drive: Punt from field goal position
2nd drive: failed 4th down in the red zone
3rd drive: fumble on first play
4th drive : pick six on first play

Kansas City make me quite happy.

Just fun, innit.

Jesus fuck Bortles.

Their offence has got better at the same rate their defence has got worse, which always makes for fun for the neutrals. In prior years they’ve fallen to bits and in about November but after the Patriots next week their run in looks soft as all hell save for the Rams in week 10.

OBJ has thrown more touchdowns than Eli so far.

quite enjoying lions-packers so far

Sky Sports still spelling it Detriot…

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