NFL Week 5 Thread

Bill O’brien should be fired out of a cannon if the Texans lose to a Nathan Peterman led Bills team.

Nathan Peterman, everyone.

Exhibit 5743 in Colin Kaepernick’s case.


Is that his 5743rd interception? Feels like more somehow. And there’s 5744.


Really coming up with some amazing ways to lose this game.

He is by some distance the worst QB I’ve ever seen, and as a Bengals fan I’ve seen almost every QB the Browns have had in the last five years.

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He has 43 career completions, except nine of them have gone to the other team. It’s literally unbelievable.


337 yards, 3 TDs, 9 INTs in his career. Christ

He briefly had positive fantasy points for the season before the pick, back to -0.3 after 2 games now

Yes! I’m still better than him.

Meanwhile Tyrod Taylor is getting $16m to do fuck all in Cleveland, so at least there’s one winner in all of this.

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No. Fucking. Way.

the bears - dolphins game has been absolutely daft

Drake was about 3 inches from winning the game and dropped the ball

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Returning the favour, right? Ridiculous game.

Well that bears game was entirely predictable. Not necessarily how it happened, just that it would. Trubisky looked decent enough, a couple of bad mistakes aside, so not all bad. Just hope Mack’s not injured.

Patriots-Chiefs though, hooooooo-eeeeee.


It was still week 6! Innocent! Innnnnocennnnnt!

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