NFL Week 5


Started off last night with Cards at 9ers, and the Stanton - Gabbert head-to-head that no-one in the world has been waiting for. And they didn’t let us down, passing for not far short of 300 yards between them! Game was redeemed almost exclusively by David Johnson, who has to be the absolute best back to watch in the league at the moment.

Sunday marks the return from suspension of a certain Tom Brady, so you can all look forward to all the talking heads burbling about “Angry Brady” and revenge tours and the like. The idea that an elite sportsman can just bump it up 20% if he’s in a temper is pretty ridiculous to me, but idk.

Falcons Broncos ought to be good too, quarter-season MVP candidate Matt Ryan (this was going to be a joke, but actually it might not be) and the flying Julios taking on the stultifying Broncos D, and Paxton Lynch or someone.


Don’t want to divert to fantasy but I was so pleased I stuck with Fitz after Palmer was ruled out. That performance by David Johnson was just immense - everything about him is perfect, he has pace, power, can cut, can catch, can break tackles and gain yards after contact. I was worried he’d get injured though the amount they lent on him last night.

I can’t remember who made the play but the strip and recovery to turn it over after the 2nd half kick off was fantastic from the special teams.


Reckon the Patriots could put up a triple digit score against the Browns. Without the whole Brady comeback thing I’d still bank on them breaking 50 points.


Johnson has that gift of making it look effortless. Almost every time he set off on a run last night he had 5 yards before anything seemed to happen. Little twitch here sends the defender over there, hop through that gap, ten more yards.

Daft coaching decisions on the night: SF had 2nd and 10 from their own 15 yard line, 50 seconds left in the first half. You could kneel and go to half time. But no - let’s run the only valuable piece of our offence up the middle twice and then go off. Possible good outcomes: Hyde runs 85 yards for a touchdown - a first down is otherwise totally irrelevant. I mean, his longest ever run is 34 yards, but that just means he’s due, right? Possible bad outcomes - fumble or injury. Both statistically far more likely, I’m fairly sure. Unless I’m missing something?


If there are 50 seconds you’d have to run two more plays. Not sure why he didn’t just kneel on both though.


yeah you’re right about Johnson.

Didn’t really pick up on that but probably because I watching the compressed highlights on gamepass it doesn’t really give a good sense of the time.


That’s the point, they could have just kneeled (knelt?) on both. Instead, they got to the 25 yard line. Oooh.


I dunno, I like Le’veon Bell, but that’s probably just personal taste. Also wish Charles was healthy, love watching him glide through the chaos.

Interesting about Tevin Coleman’s sickle cell trait and going to Denver, I’d never really thought about something like that before. Really interesting 20 min pod by Stephania Bell (she’s the injury expert on Matthew Berry’s pod) regarding sickle cell trait, with a guy who suffered badly from it and didn;t really know what was going on, and then someone connected with Denver, and how it affects their roster construction etc. Gonna be interesting to see if the Falcons can keep it up against the Broncos, I’m pretty sceptical (Denver’s record against top Offences going back ten games or so is ridiculous), but the proof’s in the pudding. I’m sitting Ryan for Cousins (vs the Ravens :no_mouth: ) as it goes.

Upset of the weekend? Maybe Washington at Baltimore for me.


Probably just a consequence of Chip Kelly’s ongoing loathing of feature b(l)acks.


Geno Atkins has that as well, only played 3 quarters at Mile High and spent pretty much all his time on the bench wearing an oxygen mask. Von Miller usually wears one too between drives.


Rams v Bills should be interesting. Rams defense has been very good so far but hoping Tyrod has enough mobility to escape the many attempts Aaron Donald will make on his life.

Gonna be the lowest scoring game of the week by a mile.


some great punting action last night.



Yeah, they mentioned Geno come to think of it, good stuff. The guy they interviewed had all sorts of problems, infarction of the spleen and stuff. IIRC, it didn’t come up until a while after the game.


12 in the first half alone, including squeezing two into the last two minutes. Mmmmm, punty.


How old is Larry Fitzgerald now? Some player.


Only 33. Thought he was 35 or so.
Steve Smith’s still catching quite a lot of balls in B’more at 37


Steve Smith doesn’t age. All that anger keeps him young.


thought he might pack it in after the NFC championship game. It was really sad seeing how gutted he was after that in the All or Nothing TV show.


watching some NFL trash talk videos rn. so entertaining.


Despite the fact there was a hurricane happening NC State and Notre Dame decided not to postpone their game this weekend. Looked like a lot of fun tbh.