NFL Week 6: "Jay Gruden, we hardly knew ye" edition

Byes: Bills, Bears, Colts, Raiders

Thursday night:
Giants at Patriots

Sunday 2.30pm:
Panthers v Buccaneers

Sunday 6pm:
Washington at Dolphins
Eagles at Vikings
Texans at Chiefs
Saints at Jaguars
Seahawks at Browns
Bengals at Ravens

Sunday 9/9.30pm:
49ers at Rams
Falcons at Cardinals
Cowboys at Jets
Titans at Broncos

Sunday night:
Steelers at Chargers

Monday night:
Lions at Packers

You like losing money?

looking forward to Brady giving the Giants a well deserved spanking tonight, ngl.

Sony Michel is going to feast.

Should be a tough road for giants. Team is completely banged up, belichick will take daniel jones out of the equation. Should be pretty ugly. Only hope is torrential rain which could happen as that region of mass. has been getting pelted, turnovers, control the clock/time of possession. Still should be a pats slaughter.

See Washington have appointed some lump who’s making them do hill sprints and banging on about establishing the run. Yep, that’s why it all went to shit there: they didn’t establish the run.

Here’s a glimpse of his opening team talk

wonder whether partying helps gronk in the studio <3

The bit about squirrels was pretty funny. Is he a good guy? I know the Pats are evil… what about the Gronk?

he’s the absolute best. hard to imagine him and aaron hernandez on the same team playing the same position

Brady QB sneaks <3


Ohhhh mama.

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told ya

Pats should still win handedly, offense very sloppy first half.

Ugh. Patriots win convincingly without ever looking anything close to good offensively.

Are they scheduled to play anyone decent at any point??

This is what I was wondering, aside from the Bills (who only have a good D), they’ve had a total cake walk - Steelers, Dolphins, Jets, Skins, Giants. They’ve got the Jets again next, then the Browns, then they’ll finally play some teams who have some wins under their belts: Ravens, Eagles, Cowboys, Texans, Chiefs. Reckon they’re on for at least 13-3, if not more.

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TBF, their defence looks excellent.

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Reckon they’ll lose to the one or both of the Cowboys and Eagles, prompting this year’s week of “is Brady finished?” hand wringing. Sadly I think they’ll have wrapped up number one seed by the time they play the Chiefs.