NFL Week 6 Thread

It’s week 6 already. Anything noteworthy so far?

What kind of a name is Press.

And what kind of a surname is Man-Coverage


Nice bit of nostalgia seeing NFL wide receivers getting done for extravagant celebrations.

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If him and Tua both stay healthy Tyreek will break 2,000 yards this season. Maybe with a game to spare

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Hadn’t even finished typing that and he’s injured

I love Bobo


Forgot to check for cheap Ravens tickets this morning, apparently there were quite a few going, oh well


Still freaks my nut that there’s an NFL commentator called Ian Eagle and he pronounces it Iron Eagle. Everyone in America just goes along with it, unreal.

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Fuck. Assumed it was one of those shit talk radio nicknames and he’d just kept using it

What the hell is a ‘Tyson Bagent’?


The P.J. Walker led Cleveland Browns up 13-10 on the best team in NFL. Excellent.

Are the Jags… good, now?

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That’s the last we’ll see of ‘Desmond Ridder’

An impressive 3 points from 4 trips inside the Bengals 10 yard line for the Seahawks in the second half there.

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Some very generous calls for the browns here

Poor o line plus poor Geno plus poor play design. Frustrating



well Matt Ryan hasn’t officially retired yet, has he

(didn’t watch the game because I was out playing the only sport that matters :basketball: )