NFL Week 6: “Thursday night’s alright for staring into the abyss” edition

Spare a thought for Al Michaels this autumn. Just one touchdown could keep him going for a whole quarter. But instead, he’s starving. He’s starving, and he’s angry.


If the Cowboys don’t lose 8 straight after this then all is wrong in the world.

I see tonight’s game is, uh… delivering

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This should be it for Ron Rivera after this week, looks disinterested beyond belief. Called out Wentz this week (why not but still). Too many men on field penalty, team a complete shambles.

Probably still win that’s how bad this game is.

Herbert has 4 carries for 65 yards, I don’t know call me crazy but may want to give him the ball more.

This game is fucking brutal

Daaaaa Bears

Bills v the Chiefs on the telly is it? Suipoib.

3 first & goals, 0 points, gave them a touchdown off a muffed punt.

Exactly the same as Denver last week in that we were very, very bad but still managed to lose a game where we were definitely the better team

Truly we are blessed to have Thursday Night Football.

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does anyone like thursday night football?

bad for the players, always guarantees a terrible game.

thankfully no-one did anything stupid like paying $100 billion for the rights so we can just bin it off with no problems

I really like it because I get to watch a game in bed on Friday morning. The quality is undeniably shite though, even though I do feel a bit sorry for whoever selects the fixtures. An ascending Colts team with the best runner in the league and a QB upgrade, Russel Wilson in his new home as the final piece in the Broncos puzzle, the Bears with their dazzling running QB about to take the next step, Carson Wentz and the… well not that one, but all the others probably looked great on paper before the season. All irredeemably dreadful and managed a combined one TD drive of more than 10 yards.

even when there’s good teams, the games usually end up being shite cos they’re playing on 3 days rest

at least Brian Robinson scored. that’s nice, isn’t it?

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Sounds like Al Michaels went completely rogue last night and started opening fantasising about Dan Snyder selling the team. Probably more interesting than anything that happened on the field.


The bears looked ropey as all hell. There’s no passing game, Fields looked completely lost outside of a couple of scrambles. Herbert seemed like a lone bright spot. I’m sure they’ll still do the Lions twice this season as per usual though.

The Bears are an absolutely astonishing 4 for 18 on 4th and goal from the 1 yard line since 2008. For reference a QB sneak has a roughly 70% success rate in those circumstances.

Tee Higgins a DNP Wed and Thurs, very limited Friday. Active for today.

  • He’s Higgins, start him
  • Will only be a decoy today, bench him for Christian Kirk

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Saints are missing Marshon Lattimore so I doubt they’ll need Higgins if Chase and Boyd are both active.

just checked the Falcons 49ers box score and it’s the opposite of my expectations