NFL - week 6


I don’t think anybody, least of all P Rivers and Mike McCoy, expected that. Chargers only mildly instead of collectively shit the bed, beating Superbowl champs Denver in Thursday night football. Hope this is a turning point for them. They’re a better team than 2-4, just need the mental toughness. Bosa adding a lot for them in the front.

Elsewhere, Buffalo should go 4-2 at home versus the 49ers. Hats off to Rex for getting Lorenzo Alexander and Zach Williams to play like pro-bowlers. If we had any form of passing game we would be very good indeed. Also, Kap’s back!

Looking forward to Dallas v Green Bay. Should be a close one. Ryan Tannehill could be on the next bus out of Miami via A&E as his team welcome the Steelers, expecting a turnover and sack fest. Carolina will look to try and get their season back on track at New Orleans, could be a high-scoring mess of a game, that.



Will be interesting to see the reaction Kaepernick gets, especially with it being an away game first up.

And by interesting, I obviously mean thoroughly depressing


Yeah. I’m not expecting a positive reception but I just hope it isn’t as bad as I think it will be. It will obviously be bad. Oh Buffalo.

Will be interesting to see how the players respond if it’s really bad.


Buffalo’s a pretty white city too, no?


Think so. Trump had a pretty big rally there in April. Rex Ryan introduced him - he’s been getting questions about it all week and is doing his best to play dumb.




Rex Ryan at a Trump rally. Feels like we were lucky to escape a singularity of awful forming, sucking everything and everyone in and destroying the universe.


It’s a very mixed / divided city, like so many places.

This is worth a read (don’t read the comments, naturally)


Watching the Philly v redskins game.
A kick return and intercept :joy_cat:


This Panthers-Saints game is pretty crazy


Saints in ridiculous shootout game at the Superdome shocker. Must be pretty good fun being a Saints fan, even when they’re bad they’re pretty good fun. Maybe @brusma could confirm?


Seattle just reminding Falcons that this season can only go so well. like, at best, we lose in the conference game.


oh hey… that helps.


That game’s turned around somewhat


I’ve only been a Falcons fan for two and a bit seasons and I’m already trained in pessimism. but… yeah?


irked at that no call, but feeling like Falcons passed a major test anyway. dominant in the third quarter.