NFL Week 7: "Another flag on the play" edition

Thursday night:
Chiefs at Broncos

Sunday 6pm:
Dolphins at Bills
Jaguars at Bengals
Vikings at Lions
Raiders at Packers
Rams at Falcons
Texans at Colts
49ers at Washington
Cardinals at Giants

Sunday 9/9.25pm:
Chargers at Titans
Saints at Bears
Ravens at Seahawks

Sunday night:
Eagles at Cowboys

Monday night:
Patriots at Jets

Byes: Buccaneers, Panthers, Browns, Steelers

would be brilliant if chiefs lost to the broncos.

The return of saquon barkley for the giants. Must win at home over the cardinals. Still alive for division even at 2-4, with philly and dallas playing each other. NFC East has been piss poor to say the least.

Very winnable game - abject defeat is inevitable here isn’t it

Yeah just cant have kyler murrays mobility beat you. David Johnson might be a game time decision looking like and james bettcher at d coordinator gets to go up against his former team. Getting a healthy barkley back against a defense that cant stop the run is nice. Never know with the giants though.

Brock Osweiler has retired, a full $41m richer than when he was drafted.


Very strong glitch in the Matrix energy here.

Would be interested to see how it’s recorded on the stat sheet, if at all.

Nobody has possession in between so guess its just a completed pass

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Hope Mahomes isn’t out too long

Can someone watch the video of him popping his kneecap back in and confirm if it’s as gross as it sounds?

Also Matt Moore is still a thing! Fondly remember him being touted to start over Ryan Tannehill and the first Wembley game I went to (he didn’t and the Dolphins annihilated an awful Raiders team in what turned out to be Dennis Allen’s last game).

Christ: that Denver offensive performance was one of the worst I remember seeing.

Is Joe Flacco elite?

I like how the way you’ve written this makes it look like you’re quoting Jesus’s disappointment at the Broncos.

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Who WOULD Jesus support?

Saints I guess

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Imagine how embarrassed he was talking to all the angels and stuff after Bounty-gate.

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Would make the Pope look pretty stupid if he supported anyone else.

Just watched it and it’s kinda disturbing the way it just moves back in.

I didn’t know Matt Moore was at the Chiefs. I remember him being the QB for the Panthers and starting a few games and thought he was decent. I didn’t think he got a fair shake, as that was our really bad season of 2-14

Great news for the Packers and Vikings!!! (Shoots self)