NFL Week 7: "Another flag on the play" edition

3 weeks!?

He’s no Joe Westerman

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Mike Lombardi always referred to that Houston contract as “the Lufthansa heist”. Which was a pretty perfect description

Some good games today.

Fitzmagic :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Giants getting smoked. Christ.

Blocked punt td gmen! 17-14 now, lets go!

Monsoon like weather conditions there.

Jesus terrible coaching by pat shurmur, down 3 with two timeouts and the 2 minute warning., 2:45 left. Going for it at their own 30, 4th and 15. Complete ineptitude.

Will the Miami Dolphins win again?

  • No
  • They might at some point but probably not

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Probability of Vikings playoff disaster this season increasing by the week huh

One of the more depressing games I can remember, and as a Lions fan that’s saying something. Defence just didn’t show up in their own building and the ones who did got hurt. Patricia has no excuses for how weak they’ve been. Zero pass rush - but they can’t stop the run either. Just appalling. The offence has missed chances but Stafford has been playing well and scoring enough to win games, but they can’t.

Season’s done now. Two wins through seven weeks, two losses in the division. Moral victories count for shit. Probably headed for 6-9-1 and a middling draft pick. On the way to what? What direction is this team moving in? I’d rather be a fucking Dolphins fan, at least they’re committing to the future.

I’m so fucking miserable.

Feel your pain. Really tough watching an entire giants game these last 5ish years. They just simply cannot win a close game.

Do we reckon trubisky will last the game before getting benched?

I’m other news:

Remind me to never bet on a Bill O’Brien coached team again, please


quarterback who you love to see grimacing/sad after a failed 3rd down, interception etc.

Andy Dalton for me.

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Aaron Rodgers.


Happy to see Zach “The Albino Rhino” Zenner getting some game time for New Orleans. Still maintain the Lions should never have cut him.

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Rodgers has that glazed over, almost sheepish thing. Good, but not quite Dalton going nuts after the sixth interception.

Love Andy. Throws at least 2000 garbage time yards every season. Rock solid.

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