NFL Week 7: Last minute edition

Whoops. Come on lads, the witching hour will be upon us before we know it.

Wilson being shite has been funny. Is Zappe getting benched? That could be hilarious.

Still on holiday so not really following today but saw and enjoyed this picture of Trevor Lawrence in the Uffizi a couple of days ago.



Oh good, the week I bench Tyler Allgeier he scores his first NFL touchdown. All good and fine.

Panthers beating the Bucs. Maybe Brady is finally cooked? Although Evans did drop the easiest 60 yard TD he’ll ever see

Matt riddle is all elite


One of the most lions things that’s ever happened

I’ll say this for the Lions: they consistently find new and surprising ways to upset me


The Lions will lose, but I actually feel better about them than after the New England game. Defence has found some footing. O-line is playing as billed. And crucially, it’s hopefully becoming clear to decision makers in the organisation that Goff is not a long term answer (shouldn’t have been a question but Brad Holmes has some funny notions)

Very amusing that the Panthers shipped out their star player and then went and immediately beat Tom Brady.

Strong Ewing theory potential

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She just can’t catch a break at the moment

There are 3 good teams in the league

Wouldn’t usually root for the Commanders but I hope Heineke has the drive of his life right now

God bless you Scary Terry

Wish the downfall of Aaron Rodgers coincided with the rise of the Lions but I’ll take what I can get

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Feel like this Jags game might last forever

Oof if Christian Kirk were 50lbs heavier he’d be in the end zone

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These chargers unis are noice


Jeez I didn’t need to see Tua staggering about again in the pre game. Grim.

Fingers crossed he’s ready and healthy.