NFL Week 7 thread

Too stingy to buy a NowTV pass so while the rest of you are almost certainly watching Ravens v Lions I’ll be settling in to Commanders v Giants.

Somewhat related, but at around this time every season I realise that there a lot of bad teams in the NFL. Feels like there’s even more than usual this year, potentially as many as 20? If you were to draw a line in the provisional draft order with good teams above and bad below it’d be around where the Seahawks are.

Anyway, Chiefs v Chargers and Dolphins v Eagles should both be fun.

Some lovely panthers unis on the colts


Saquon hurt again. His career could be toast.

One of the best feelgood stories of the season is Deshaun Watson being a total shambles of a football player. Heartwarming stuff.


Is Bagent… elite?

Perfect season from here is

Bagent looks a decent backup
Carolina continue to stink
We get our own top 5 pick
Fields looks good enough to have some trade value

Prospect of Williams plus another top prospect (or trade it for another haul to a qb needy team) is very exciting

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Happily not it seems

Don’t know what has happened to Detroit. Turned it off. Don’t even want to watch Redzone because it’ll be another five Ravens TDs. It’s like they saved half a season of bad football for one game. Bizarre and upsetting.

honestly have no idea who the good teams are this year. some utterly bizarre scores every week. lions wtf is going on!!

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Sam Howell on track to be sacked 100 times this season.

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Minshew vs Watson must be the biggest starting qb likeability discrepancy game of the season


It’s the lack of consistency that is so discombobulating. Lions are shit for some reason. Gardner Minshew is Cam Newton now. Josh Allen can’t beat the Pats. Can’t deal with it.


O-line isn’t even that bad. He just runs into pressure so much. Outside of that he looks quite good but there’s absolutely no way he can be a long term starter

Why have they suddenly remembered to run the football :smiley: hilarious from the coaching staff. Bagent definitely getting the ball out nice and quick.

Where is Bijan Robinson?

Freaks my nut that arguably the two best runners in the draft got taken by teams that didn’t plan on using them enough. Imagine if the Vikings had Bijan and were giving him Mattison’s workload :rocket:

Apparently he’s been cleared to reenter the game but just…hasn’t? Feels like everyone’s trying to save some face there.

At least there’s the comforting familiarity of both Tyrod Taylor and Brian Hoyer starting games for what feels like the 43rd consecutive season.

If true, pfffttt


Myles Garrett is so good

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