NFL week 7


The most underwhelming Bears-Packers game in recent history trundles in, with both teams playing poorly and unattractively, and clashing with a Cubs League Championship game vs the Dodgers. A lot of key injuries, most notably both teams CBs (there’s a decent chance none of the top 5 Chicago CBs will be fit to play, and same for the top 3 GB CBs).

This could be the game to get Rodgers going (Bears secondary, past record), although it didn’t work out last time at Lambeau, and the running backs are knocked up - no Lacy or Starks, so they’re going with Knile Davis (arrived on Monday), Tye Montgomery (a WR), and some guy called Don Jackson from the practice squad. On Chicago’s side, they’re still missing the starting (at start of season): QB, RB, RG, C, WR2, NT, top 5 CBs, best 2 OLBs, and rookie first round OLB. Eddie Royal might also be out. In short, another ratings winner for prime time NFL.

On to more general things - we’re about a third the way through the regular season, any predictions on playoff teams? AFC seems wide open outside patriots, whilst NFC seems a little clearer - I’d probably go with the current top teams in each conference, plus runner up in the NFC East, plus… probably Arizona, though I don’t say that with much confidence. AFC south is a shitshow, but I think Osweiler is starting to get there. Maybe. I think the Steelers will be OK if Roethlisberger only misses 2 games (due to bye), but no idea if he misses 4-5. Can see both wild card teams coming out of the AFC West, but no idea who’ll top them.


As long as Eddie Lacey starts hurdling again, I’m in.


Oh hold on, Lacy’s out? Boo


:smiley: that was so good. As someone said, it must have been the lowest hurdle in an NFL game ever. His head didn’t change height at any point in between normal running and the hurdle.


That is a terrifying emoji. I apologise without reservation.


many thanks.

Here’s a bold (and no doubt incorrect) prediction: Chargers are gonna top AFC West.


That’s an onion hanger


Amused but also slightly annoyed by the NFL getting irked about the primetime ratings drop, when it’s a problem all of their own making. Maybe stop putting on shit games starring the same 4-5 underwhelming teams, stop putting pressure on officials to call niggly, minor penalties, and stop fining players for showing any kind of emotion/showmanship and/or wearing interesting shoes.


That’s not even mentioning how long it takes to watch an American Football game because of adverts.


Just want to give a shout out to this week’s ATN podcast phonecall to David Ely. Them asking about his tragic college romance is my actual favourite thing in the world.


Have to agree that this new approach to “taunting” is absolutely dire. I know everyone hates the Pats but it was ridiculous watching the game last week: had Burfict trying his very best to take cheap shots at both tight ends all game, Gronk beats him on a play and duly rubs it in a bit, suddenly one penalty away from being ejected


Aye, but you never know, they’re somehow still very competitive despite a ridiculous raft of injuries. Really good division.


The obsession with penalties for celebrating is so annoying. If someone does it up in the oppo’s face, fair enough (I think Gronk’s flag was fair this week, although the refs had lost control by that point), but if someone’s just doing a dance or whatever… who cares? Sad!

Funny how the NFC East is actually interesting this year, and they’ve STILL messed up primetime games.


I’m properly confused by what they are and aren’t considering taunting tbf. I think sometimes it pretty much comes down to whether any opposition player is facing them (or within a yard or so) when they start dancing.


Been here before, but 4-6 weeks for Roethlisberger. Pats, at Ravens, Cowboys. Ouch.


Looks like it could finally be the AFC North’s turn to send a .500 team to the play-offs.


Because I watch so much Redzone, and then catch up via the condensed version, I tend to forget how long watching one particular game takes. Then something like the London game comes up which I’ll watch and you realise that 30 minutes of action over 3.5 hours is… just… INTERMINABLE.


I’ve decided that John Gruden is the absolute best colour commentator. Still like a bit of Collinsworth, but Gruden is so excitable, clued up and quick, and if it’s shit (like the penalties on MNF this week) he’ll tell you it’s shit.

Also, we haven’t complained about Phil Simms yet this season, we probably ought to get on to that.


for the FAO of @thewarn


Well that was a truly awful game. 3rd string QB struggling to do anything and chucking up a few dolly balls alongside a running game shorn of it’s main O-line, vs a slow accumulation of yards coming from bad coverage from 6th and 7th string CBs, multiple penalties, poor officiating, and a bunch of short throws. Throw in some missed kicks (both PAT and FG) for good measure. Would not recommend to watch on catch up.

Would have been nice to look at Connor Shaw at QB after his encouraging pre-season, but he’s out for the year with a leg break. Zach Miller is the backup :’) I think they’ll just get steamrollered by the vikings (would have been anyway obvs), then hope to get Cutler back after the bye following that. Guess it’s a race between NYJ, Cleveland, and Chicago for that number one spot.

Glad to see Robbie Gould get picked up by NYG though. Here’s to hoping Brown is out of the league for good.