NFL Week 8: No Byes + Earlier Kickoff Extravaganza

Loads of games on, who you watching?

Gonna watch Dolphins Pats

Was going to watch Jags v Steelers but it’s just not on Dazn for some reason (this platform really is the gift that keeps giving). Going with Vikings v Packers instead then watching the 49ers beat the Bengals like a drum.

It’s on there but showing as Today as if finished rather than live but seems to be live if you skip towards end of vid

Despiite knowing the games were earlier today I still got surprised we’re 20 mins in and quickly turned over from City toying with United

Can’t decide if the Vikings are suddenly good or if the Packers are actually even worse than I thought.

Oh ffs, kickoff out of bounds. Should be punishable by an instant cut.

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The Vikings are probably slightly better than they were last season when they won all those close games. On the wrong side of ‘variance’ this year.

The Packers stink.

not watching anything, but I see Taylor Heinicke on the box score, has Ridder finally been benched?

Got an alert that said he’d been benched but I am also not watching it.

Somebody called Tommy Devito is playing QB for the Giants, because of course.

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phew. hope that’s the experiment over with

Dolphins had a couple of calls to there way so far. Just had a bad helmet to helmet missed. Feel like it’s so dangerous should really be automatically reviewed

The most New York sounding guy ever

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Have turned over now, they’re unwatchable.

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Eyyyy, I’m quarterbacking here!

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And a false start on the centre! My two pet hate penalties in the same day.

Will Levis having a stormer

Earned some extra mayo in his coffee later


Came out injured I think