NFL Week 8: The new prime time

Good morning, fellow NFL fans. Thought I’d start the thread today because the biggest game of the week is on Thursday Night Football.* The undefeated Arizona Cardinals take on the 6-1, flat-track bully Green Bay Packers. Who’s going to win?

  • Cards
  • Pack

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*Actually started this thread because I wanted to share this wholesome old NFL content


reminder for the UK folks that the clocks go back somewhere this weekend so the sunday games start at 5 rather than 6


Give 'em hell Tarkenton!


FYI football fans

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Much as I’d like to get excited about an actually good looking Thursday Night game Davante Adams and Allen Lazard are both out for the Packers, Marquez Valdes-Scantling doubtful too.

Roger Goodell’s press conference was obscene


Also worth noting that Mark Davis made this proclamation while wearing a Raiders tracksuit and a massive backpack(?) and sitting like some sort of goblin princeling on a giant brown chair

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I was addicted to this last summer.

Once you work out some plays that pretty much always work it’s a bit boring though.


Looks like Baker is back this week

That was a fun match!

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There’s the Arizona Cardinals

Wtf was Green thinking?

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Got to have misheard the play, surely.

Had Arizona to win and Aaron Jones and James Conner to score touchdowns at 8/1. Thanks for that, lads. Thanks. For. That.

Even then. There’s 14 seconds left. The only play is to take a shot at the endzone. He’s not run blocking, got to at least turn your head

Don’t think we had much business getting anything out of the game anyway, but still, that finish was a kick in the balls

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The Packers inevitable NFC Championship game loss this year will be against:

  • Buccaneers
  • Cowboys
  • Rams
  • Cardinals
  • Another team

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The only, only thing I can think is that they have a play which is some sort of RB out to the flat in that corner and he’s basically running a pick against the DB. and that he’s misheard the playcall for that play.

Which is a lot of assumptions but otherwise I have absolutely no idea what he could have been doing.

Not like its happened to a rookie either. AJ Green ffs


The most distressing part of last night’s loss

Anything more cringeworthy than these two announcing? For the last two years I’ve had them on mute with music in the background watching games they announce. Glorious I tell you, just couldn’t take it anymore.