NFL Week 8



Titans beat the Jags last night.

One of the lovely weeks where our clocks have moved and the yanks haven’t, so the later Sunday games will be finished before midnight, plus another Wembley game.

Bengals - Racists should be one of the picks of the day, along with Bills - Pats, Raiders - Bucs.

What looked preseason like a potential game of the season is now near enough a dead rubber, Cards and Panthers are a combined 4-8-1, doubt this will be the NFC championship this year


Weirdly the Browns/Jets game is one that caught my eye. This is probably Cleveland’s best chance to get a win this year, and with Josh McCown back - to replace Kevin ‘Hulky’ Hogan - it could actually happen. The Jets have an easier stretch of games coming and there’s an outside chance of a wild-card push if they find some form. Not if they lose to the Browns though.


Yeah, that’s the one I like too, the Browns have been doing about as well as you can with their talent available, and figure this is about as winnable as it’ll get for em.


Pats are going to win the Super Bowl this year aren’t they. I can’t see anyone else even coming close.

  • Browns have a real 0-16 season in the offing (guarantee this has now ensured them a win)
  • Everyone is shit
  • Except the bloody Patriots (and maybe Dallas and Minnesota and Seattle)
  • MOAR London action - anyone going?
  • The Wessling brothers section on the ATN pod made me properly lose my shit on my commute this morning

Body is too similar to what I previously posted


also, the Jets better bloody win this week. Can’t believe we went 10-6 last year at this point.




Wess is great tbf, he usually responds to me when Ive gotten in touch. I made this point to him once, and he said he aleways tries to, but it works both ways - he’s very quick with a block (or apparently a mute as he mellows)


It’s in this conversation:


Who’s going this weekend btw? I’m really looking forward to it, should be a decent game. Plus getting to watch AJ Green in person/through the binoculars will be fun


That’s really sad! Don’t think I’m going to be able to enjoy those drops anymore.


Oh. So this is on Sky then?
What a fucking bollock.


“so much of the NFL is basketball”

keep it real Mike :ok_hand::ok_hand:


What is it with kickers in OT?


oh my, poor red rifle


Bwahahaha Washington. Mind you, shame they didn’t happen in Eagles v Cowboys later tonight


I was going to say this last week, can’t see them winning any of their other games. Fitzpatrick still playing horribly, right?


Yeah he’s a bum.

Cleveland will find a way to mess this up though.


some pretty cleveland-ish tackling there


yeah, they’re totally going to blow this.