NFL Week 9: GASE BOWL! edition

Seems mad that we have 3 wins already this season. Just look so, so bad

Agreed. He was sacked on his first play - looked like he started to pull the ball in and fall as the pocket collapsed but before anyone had really touched him.

The trubisky experiment is done. Why he continues to play is remarkable, backup needs to come in in the second half.

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Worse than the first half against the Raiders :cry:

Jets making the dolphins look competent

Had a real morbid interest in watching that, opted for the Bears improv comedy hour instead.

You must hate football…

Welp, 3 quarters of that Jags game was offensively not that good. The 4th quarter was great though. Watching Watson in person is a joy though, seeing him extend plays way beyond they should be is amazing.

The Bears have made about 2 coaching adjustments and the Eagles have reacted like they’ve started breathing fire or something.

How good is christian mccaffrey, i mean my word.

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Absolutely remarkable man

Trubisky is down four points, late in the fourth, at the 50 yard line, 3rd and 9. So he throws… what 7 yards short of the sticks? To a guy with a defender all over him?

Obviously I’m fine with the Bears torpedoing their own season but surely they’ll see sense soon? It’s not going to get better.

Wow massive amounts of Vikings fans in Arrowhead.

Incredible really. Without him, I don’t think the Panthers are looking at as many wins as they have. On that last rushing TD I think he might have hit his head pretty hard landing on the floor, hopefully not a concussion.

Fascinated to see what the Dolphins do to throw this away

That Jets high snap and the fact the Dolphins couldn’t recover for the TD is the funniest thing

Oh Adam Vinatieri what u doing

Think its time the Colts look at new kickers. I know he’s had a lot of big game moments, but lots of missed extra points this year and plenty of field goals.

Colts seem to be a heart attack every week, lots of close games.

Been a good game tbf