NFL Week 9- Ivermectin Edition

Well, quite the week as far as storylines eh? Rodgers compares himself to MLK/out on Covid protocol. Therefore, we get our first look at Jordan Love who gets Davonte Adams back this week. OBJ and the Browns look like they have reached an impasse, potential landing spots? Rams add Von Miller. Raiders off the field issues continue…

Going to keep my eye on Browns/Bengals, Broncos/Cowboys, Vikings/Ravens.

Fantasy related question: Who would you go with this week at QB (as I have Brady on a bye)? Options: Big Ben, Tua, Tyrod Taylor, Justin Fields, Jimmy G, Baker

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Tua has Parker out doesn’t he? Ben Rapesberger is disgusting. I’d go Baker for the post OBJ bounce*

*having my worst ever fantasy season so pick Tyrod-Time or summat

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Will be nothing more than fines apparently

Denzel Ward, holy shit.

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That white Vikings uniform is nice.

Some egregious drops today

I will never tire of seeing bad things happen to John Harbaugh and The Ravens

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Some duds so far in the first half today.

Massive penalty in baltimore

Josh Allen sacks Josh Allen.

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wonder how the Falcons are gonna lose this one

great drive to get the TD before the half

Saints briefly looked to be gashing the D on every run, but they got slowed down/snuffed out

Are the Patriots good again? Really like the backfield with Harris, Bolden, Stevenson.

That Tyrod pick might be the densest play I’ve ever seen in my life


Like Dan Orlovsky running out of the back of the endzone level stupid


Haha Dallas love it! Was yelling at the TV that that was a live football after lineman touched it. Beautiful.

Know you’re going against Trevor Siemann but I think Atlanta’s D has been playing well of late. Matty Ice has looked real good to with the absence of Julio leaving and Ridley taking a mental health break. Arthur Smith doing a solid job so far.

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yeah, I’m low-key feeling it. feels like the coaching unit really know what they’re doing + they’re getting the best out of the players

sturdy, with big play potential scattered about. building on solid play in the trenches and letting Matty do his thing

AJ Terrell having an excellent game in particular. he’s been a lockdown CB all season, actually.

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Hopefully dolphins score again next so I can switch over to a better game.