Nfl week 9 thread

Game of they year contender somehow been given to frankfurt and about to kick off.

Dana Bowers singing the national anthem, voice has changed a bit since Another Level :joy:

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Just the Vikings, Bears, Cardinals, Rams, Colts, Giants and Jets starting backup QBs this week.

Plus the Raiders and Falcons benching their starters

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Massive call that. Not sure he ever had control of it. Game over now though

Nothing taking my fancy in the 6pmers

Some very juicy things coming out about the McDaniels firing: players and coaches calling him out in team meetings, secret meetings between players and owner, and - my personal favourite - Antonio Pierce trying to inspire the players with anecdotes about the 2007 Giants which McDaniels apparently took very personally.

Seahawks - Ravens is pretty juicy


Clayton Tune

I’ve gone with Bucs v Texans which is very much the best of a bad bunch.

Vikings v Falcons has some new starting QB intrigue.

Excited to see how much the Browns D murders Clayton Tune.

After the fortune cookie one, I’m genuinely not sure what to believe

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The Josh Dobbs “if he’s on your roster, he’ll be on the field” curse continues.


Should be a ban for whichever Falcons defender knocked out the defenceless KJ Osborn there. Sickening.

A running back is currently kicking for the Texans because why not.


In a lot of ways Josh Dobbs is the ultimate backup QB. Not talented enough to create a QB controversy but with enough gumption and physical ability to keep your team competitive if needed. Doesn’t even need to know the playbook.

He is unfortunately going to play Minnesota out of a top 10 pick.

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Another ugly interception for the hapless bears

He kicked a field goal :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Excellent witching hour tonight