NFL Week 9


Atlanta torched Tampa but Mike Evans did this


Oof that hit though.


Not sure how he held on!


Some of the officiating is so bizarre - that review on the Julio catch that was upheld! Wasn’t an overly critical play (it was on 1st down wasn’t it? And for 15 or so yards in midfield), but jeez.


Saints v Dolphins confirmed as the first London game next year. Hard to get too excited about that tbh.


Looks pretty good to me. Assuming the Saints look much the same as this year, they score loads of points and concede loads of points. Every game a shootout! Plus Drew Brees and cool gold and black uniforms. Then there’s the Dolphins and Ryan Tanne… hmm. Well, maybe they’ll be more interesting by next year.


*starts googling 2017 draft quarterback prospects *




3rd time we’ve had this match?


Steelers @ Ravens at 6 later, remember when that used to be in a prime-time slot no question?


Any idea what the other game is gonna be…? Was it a public vote…?


other Wembley game?


Nah sky TV game (sorry I wasn’t more clear)


oh right, you can always check that out here:

Eagles vs. Giants 6pm
Titans vs. Chargers (for some mad reason) 9.25pm
Broncos vs Raiders 1.30am


I’m enjoying how my lazily-adopted Chiefs are having yet another year of being mediocre with irritating flashes of potential. 10-0 up at the moment though!


See also: being a Giants fan of late.

I fully expect us to throw this lead today of course.


You fucking love finding ways to chuck games against the eagles huh


Not this time!

Not that it matters of course, bloody Dallas stumbling on a decent QB this year.



Hell of a game. Fuck me. Drinking a big ol’ beer.


Lovely TD (gifted by shite niner Defense) from mark Ingram there