NFL Week 9


Decent game that was, 9ers got back close after the Saints jumped out early, but ultimately couldn’t match the Saints 350 yards of offense and lost 31-20.

Oh wait, it’s half time?


HA you drunk?


Maybe, just thought I saw a squirrel in the endzone in Green Bay.


You did!


Oakland? Beating Denver? With the run game?





Jeez that’s an awful interception. Who’s the big fella?


DT Jordan Phillips


@hip_young_gunslinger 335 lb Jordan Phillips. He weighs almost exactly 2 of me


The Steelers offence and special teams were pathetic this week.

Our only saving grace at the moment is the AFC North looking a pretty terrible division. And our red zone defense.




I’m not sure that was actually the most embarrassing thing about our performance as it goes.


Yeah watched some of it, you guys looked bad. No way Ben is healthy.


Actually I think my favourite thing at the weekend was the Jags D intercepting the ball and then his team mate smashing into him, knocking it out.


well that didn’t work


Yes and no. He looked healthy enough in the 4th quarter once the game was done. We’re mentally weak, a common theme.


Which I, for one, enjoyed massively


The Team of ATL curse is real!


*Tom Savage


Good grief, the officiating at the end of the half last night was appalling. Like, so much worse than just giving/missing dodgy pass interference or holding etc. One of the clearest roughing the kickers you’ll see (even without the offside!), and then even worse was the delay of game when I think the officials gave Buffalo 5 seconds at most (and the ref who spotted the ball was still dicking around on the Seattle side of the ball for a few seconds. Great game in spite of that though.