NFL Week One Thread 2023: Mmm, DAZN edition

Real NFL football that actually counts for something starts tomorrow (I guess actually early Friday morning in the UK but you take my point)!

Lions at Chiefs, yes, the darling hypeteam of a year ago gets to prove themselves against the reigning champs who may be missing their top two players not called Patrick.

Then there’s a whole slate of games on Sunday. Redzone will be back! Scott! Seven hours! No peeing! The witching hour!

Are you excited? I’m excited.


Anyone fancy dropping their predictions? Can’t remember if we usually do an organised thing or not.

We usually have a survivor game going, don’t we?

Stressed me out more than fantasy last year :upside_down_face:

The trick is to fuck it up right at the beginning then you never have to worry about it


Wheras i lost 1 life first up and then somehow did a highwire act until week 9 or something silly.

I love RedZone and Scott so, so much. Already got goosebumps at a sudden switch in the coverage with Scott understatedly saying “Panthers have the ball and are approaching midfield…”, and you know something fucking incredible is about to happen.

He already knows. He’s seen it, but he’s not going to give it away. He wants you to enjoy it just as much as he did when he saw it, 30 seconds ago. He wants you to be happy. He wants you to be surprised and delighted. He’s excited for you, like a best friend would be.


Thanks for the reminder. It’s here

Absolutely Buzn for the season to kick off, just in time for me not to have to feign interest in bullshit like the Rugby World Cup or Ryder Cup too.

That being said I’m convinced the Bengals will lose to the Browns on Sunday, the game is the perfect overlap of the Bengals’ tendency to start slow and the Bengals’ tendency to drop at least one game a year to the Browns in utterly embarrassing circumstances.

As long as Dazn lets me I’m still a full game watcher rather than a redzone watcher (yes, I have learned absolutely nothing from sitting through all of Jets 3 Patriots 10 last year). Will try to watch at least one full game involving every team this year, hoping to get 10 out of the way this weekend alone (Lions v Chiefs, Bengals v Browns, Chargers v Dolphins Cowboys v Giants and Bills v Jets). Football!

Redzone is the greatest television show of all time


Haven’t tried watching much on DAZN outside of one preseason game and a couple of episodes of Hard Knocks.

Some issues I’ve spotted / heard mentioned though:

Shitty motion graphic instead of ad breaks (apparently this might change for the regular season? Might’ve been the case with old Gamepass too)
Games in 40 are being weirdly and badly edited - not sure how this happens, since I assume it’s the NFL not DAZN making the edits
Full game replays aren’t editing out the ad breaks (this will be incredible annoying if it’s not fixed)
No ability to download games (this sucks, but can’t imagine it changing if that’s just how it is. Definitely a lesser service though).

So what will still be on Sky - just selected games? Can’t really be arsed with DAZN.

Same as usual it looks like, a selected 6pm and 9pm on Sunday (for some reason they’ve gone with 49ers v Steelers for this week’s 6pm, Chargers v Dolphins at 9 should be decent though) and all the primetimes.

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same as last year, all the primetime games, selected games on sundays and redzone

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This is a lovely article but it’s going to ring a bit hollow if they go 8-9 and miss the playoffs for the millionth year in a row.

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just had this from them


The 2023 NFL season starts today, and it promises to be an action-packed one.

We know how passionate NFL fans are and we want to give you the very best NFL Game Pass experience on DAZN as the football season returns.

Since the migration of NFL Game Pass to the DAZN platform earlier this summer, we have been listening to fan feedback and can confirm the following product features for the 2023-2024 NFL Season:


The return of US commercials, plus half-time shows & analysis.


  • Coaches Film (All-22)
    View each games’ action from a coaching perspective. Coaches Film gives you an aerial view of the field so you can see all 22 players on the field and study tactical play.
  • Game in 40
    The perfect medium between highlights and full game replays. Get all the game action in just 40 minutes.
  • Sunday in 60
    All the best highlights and biggest moments of Sunday’s action from around the NFL, condensed into a snappy 60-minute recap available each Monday.


Watch every NFL game on DAZN in high definition.


NFL Game Pass is available on over 100 devices – more than double the device availability from before - including Chromecast, Samsung, Sony and PlayStation 5.

Thank god, can’t wait to see the this year’s F150 model.


think I’ll be almost as interested in the Jags’ fortunes as the Falcons this year, at least to the extent that Calvin Ridley’s involved

hope he lights it up, tbh

think my interest is generally higher than it’s been since 2016, actually. lots of intrigue across Week 1’s slate, for sure.

can someone fill me in on my beloved Patriots’ chances this season?

They’ve ditched Patricia who curses every team he touches so things should be better. Bill O’Brian should bring stability to the offence and hopefully get results from Mac Jones, who needs to have a good year. However, outside of Rhamondre Stevenson, who could be a very good RB, the rest of the offence has very little firepower. Where are points going to come from? Not sure.

The defence will likely be decent, as is Belichick’s way, but it will need to be really good to keep them in games. The biggest problem is that the AFC East is probably as strong as it’s ever been - the Bills, Dolphins, and now the Aaron Rodgers-led Jets are all better teams on paper.

Think their ceiling is hanging around for a wildcard spot. Their floor is a clear last place in the division and a top ten pick.

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