NFL Wild card Weekend thread (2019-20 season)

Is Fuller playing? I don’t think he’s anywhere near 100% and heard he is a game time decision at best.

Why hasn’t Jason Garrett got fired yet?

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Heard some crazy stat along the lines of watson playing with fuller is almost mahomes level: without he’s basically cody kessler


Fuller out for the Texans.

Still can’t back josh Allen on the road in the playoffs… Yet

checks watch


Weird how it’s playoff weekend but for some reason the bills are playing the texans tonight. Hope someone got fired for that blunder


One of those occasional reminders that the AFC is essentially the NFL equivalent of Ligue 1.

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Not as much as it was when the NFC won the Super Bowl 14 years running or something

The chiefs are probably the 6th/7th? Best nfl team

I have them ahead of the Eagles and maybe the Vikings

It feels like they’ve be as impressive as the Vikes

Bill O’Brien deer in head lights early.

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what a drive by the bills!

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The Bills are so much fun to watch here!

Love the old Philly Special play. Although it seems really obvious that’s what it’s going to be from quite early on, although that might just be because we can see from high up.

Very generous to give them that time out

Nice to see the Texans limiting the Bills by falling back on the tried and tested method of making Josh Allen throw the ball.

I for one don’t think this “YOU CAN’T SPELL SUBWAY WITHOUT N! F! L!” ad will become at all wearing over the next month.

Bills D is enjoyably good, innit?

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That ‘blocking’ from Darren fells

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All the stopping power of one of those bead curtains at the back of corner shops.