NFL Wildcard Weekend Thread


Saturday games! Third-string quarterbacks! The best white running back in the business! Let’s get hype.

Also, how great is Steve Smith’s retirement letter?


I wondered whether Bennett’s White RB comments would have everyone kicking off, but they didn’t. Then I wondered whether they should have, really, but I can’t even vaguely pretend to understand race issues in the US from my white middle class English position. I’ll stick to watching as much football as possible this weekend.



Oh believe me, plenty of knuckle-dragging Lions fans have been getting prissy about it various comment sections the past week. “Can you imagine if a white player said it about a black player?!” Shut up, dumbasses.


Sticking with my predictions:

Giants (more in hope than expectation)


Just wait til actuallygoodbutstillthethirdbestrunningbackinthedraftbutheswhitesohellgetlotsofattention Christian McCaffrey’s media circus arrives in April


What’s everyones ideal playoff results, in terms of the best games to watch? Or games you want to see etc.

I’d go for something like:

Dallas - Patriots (I mean, I dislike that one of these two will go down in the books as the champ, but would be a fantastic game to watch)

Patriots - Steelers
Dallas - Falcons

Patriots - Texans (I guess? Would rather NE got tested against a good D than just rolled a team who’ve been stripped of what got them here)
Kansas - Steelers (because I want to see Steelers - Pats)
Falcons - Packers
Dallas - Detroit (to make Falcons-Packers happen)


I think I’ve predicted all home wins for the wildcard round, total reverse from last year.


I want the whole of the AFC bracket to get fucked, honestly


Totally fair.


Out of them I’d hate Oakland and Kansas the least, but never gonna happen so


anyone else wanna sign up for this before tomorrow?

put your (hypothetical) money where your (hypothetical) mouth is


I tried, but it won’t recognise my log in for some reason


Oh it’s a whole new thing, with new account needed. I’m in


Home wins this weekend. Wouldn’t want to pick the outcome of either of the NFC games next weekend as Cowboys and Falcons both choking seems plausible if not entirely likely.

AFC can get fucked; feels like the Patriots may as well just be given the championship now and prepare for the Superbowl. Will be delighted to be proved wrong.


Bit of a baldmenfightcomb opener, this


Still think the Steelers are a really tricky game for the Patriots if they can get there, bit worried the chiefs will knock off Pittsburgh then roll over in foxborough


I know state of this. Always seems to be Texans inexplicably opening the playoffs tho


At least the Bengals aren’t involved as well this time


Well annoyed I’ve got to sit through this then go to bed before the potentially decent game in Seattle