NFL Wildcard Weekend Thread

Saturday sees the red-hot Colts in a divisional match-up with the solid Texans, before the Cowboys wrestle with the somehow still dangerous Seahawks.

On Sunday, the Chargers face down Baltimore’s fearsome rushing attack, before Da Bears attempt to stop Big Dick Nick’s playoff magic.

Aside from Dallas/Seattle, all the games are at a watchable time, and all of them have the potential to be great, close games (they will inevitably now all be blowouts). GET HYPE.

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I’m not confident about any of those predictions though! Hopefully the Cowboys lose if nothing else.

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I concur with these predictions


4 really good games. Obviously nothing good ever happens so Ravens, Colts, eagles and cowboys* will win.

Really not a good option in the cowboys-Seahawks game is there

and I’d be happy with those outcomes, except I’d take Chargers over the Ravens.

Would like:

Texans (though not super fussed either way)

Am expecting:


Yep - don’t think this will even be close. There’s only so much Watson/Hopkins can do…

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Out of interest, does anyone see a NFC Championship game that isn’t Rams v Saints?

Some good football and tight games is all I want.
No overtime in the late game on Sunday too.

I can see the saints getting knocked out by the seahawks

Watson / Hopkins can do a LOT. Plus they have the top run-D which will slow down Mack and force Luck to throw. If Watt and Clowney are on form, they’ll give him trouble. I think it could be fun.

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really exciting playoffs this year, compared to last year at least. looking forward to the Chargers knocking out the Pats.

I hope you’re right. I quite like this Texans team.


They both took a win each in their series this year, both games were decided by a field goal.

I know the Eagles proved me wrong last year (and obviously the Saints came good after years of futility), but I still struggle to believe the Chargers/Chiefs won’t just choke like they usually do

Just honestly hoping for some good games. Would love to see the cowboys and eagles go down this weekend. Just a bias opinion as a Giants fan :joy:.

Chargers have peaked early and seem to be limping into the playoffs and Rivers not a great postseason record. No one wants to face that Balt D especially at home, like the ravens a lot in that one. 28-14 ravens

Colts Texas should be a good one. Colts come in red hot, but I think Texans with home field win a close one down the stretch. 34-31 texans

Cowboys will be tough to beat at home. I expect a low scoring game here, hopefully Frank Clark can make some plays on defense, force dallas into turnovers, bad field position, etc. Clark seems to be a man on a mission, but it wont be enough… 23-17 dallas

Eagles/Bears. I think this should be a slaughter tbh, Foles with banged up ribs going against the front 4 of the bears doesn’t bode well. Doug Pederson will be bringing up the entire playbook though and who knows maybe more Foles Magic?? I just don’t see it this year. 34-17 bears

Can’t wait though…

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Kind of unbelievable stat:

Wow. That is pretty remarkable…

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How many snow games have there been this season?

I can’t remember any at all.