Nhl 2017-18


Because there is a topic for all the boring American sports you guys pretend to watch, let’s have one for the actual only decent US sport: Ice Hockey!

Who’s winning Stanley’s Cup this year? Obviously the Bruins. But I don’t think we should write off the Penguins three-peating it.

Gotta check out which U.Maine games I’m gonna watch this year. Gotta get in the regular season ones, it’ll be another year without an NCAA tournament.


I loved watching Hockey when it used to be on Channel 5. Spent many nights watching it during my year at Uni.

Got really into the Maple Leafs and the NJ Devils (they beat the Dallas Stars in the Stanley Cup) - just seen that Jaromir Jagr is still going! Astonishing.


Jagr is so old he was playing when the NHL video games were still 2D.


GO LEAFS! :maple_leaf:


Yeah, he was late 20s when I was watching back in 99/00.