NHL in the UK

Hi UK hockey fans.

The season starts in two days, and as I don’t pay for any other sports I want to watch the shit out of this. How and where is my best option?

I’m a Pens fan so mostly that would be marvellous.

Which is your favourite pen?

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Can’t you watch it on an app or something?

I think @sheeldz knows about this?

I don’t think I’ll be doing the applause this time round


John Lydon is really stretching things with this one


Just noticed EASN… DEAR GOD

It was worth coming in here. I played so much of that.

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My only ice hockey link is my first car had a ‘Follow the Bracknell Bees’ sticker in the back of it which I never removed.


do you want to pay or get it free? Keeping in mind games usually start beyond midnight UK time, you probably won’t be watching live, so paid is usually the best way to get full games on demand.

if you figure out how to watch it then let me know

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I’m happy to pay as long as it’s not ridiculous (justifying it by not getting the football).

And I’m happy to watch till 2am live – I never sleep – but on demand would be a nice option.

Seems unlikely, but would also be great if I could somehow watch it through my ps4 so it’s on the telly. Otherwise laptop is fine.

then pay for an NHL TV account, one price includes the playoffs. Works on PS4.


Nice. Thanks.

NHL Gamecenter now NHLTV (fucks sake) apps allow you to watch 10 min highlights for free and hide the scores too. They’re great for catch up.

Live games are paid on there too.

Preimer Sports does live games and so does bt sport this season too… But NHLTV is better


these are great and also on youtube quickly after a game finishes, however they edit out all the fights/chippy after-whistle stuff

Any issues with being in the UK for the NHL TV thing? I think when I had something similar before I found a bunch of live games weren’t available because they were being shown on Premier Sports or some shit.



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blackouts don’t happen in the UK as far as I’m aware. This could change this season if networks start getting pissy about lost revenue due to the shortened season but I’d really be surprised.


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