NHL in the UK

Or Richard Zednik (makes me wince just typing his name out).

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Oh yeah this’ll be the one I remember

this canucks comeback has been insane!!!


It was 3-1 at 55:00 and I was making my lunch in tears

by the time I’d sat down to watch OT it was over

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Good to see Vegas lose tonight.

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Last two Panthers v Bruins games have been wild

Hoping Vancouver/Edmonton goes to OT in game 7 and then a giant sinkhole opens up under the ice.

Anyone been watching?

It’s the Panthers year. Much deserved. For Paul Maurice also

Lets Go Hockey GIF by NHL

Yes but also I hate the Oilers so enjoying this very much

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I also hate the Oilers. I don’t care for Florida, but they’re less offensive to me. Bobrovsky has been incredible these first two games.