NHL in the UK

Pretty cool how I paid for this thing and all the games are behind fucking blackouts.

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Hate blackouts in any sport (NFL has it as well). Best way to get around it is a VPN. A lot of them provide a 30 day trial, so if you don’t want to pay for it you can do it this way and cancel it before the trial expires. If you don’t mind paying for it, I currently use Surfshark and it goes quite well for me.

I’m ready for tonight! CBJ!


This Saturday’s CBJ v Tampa game has been pushed to an earlier start time to allow the game to be broadcast at prime time in Europe


Presumably means it’s now blacklisted for me.

How does this work out? Do you have the choice of any game on an average game day?

Any game not on Premier Sports I can watch live, otherwise I have to wait 48 hours for the highlights.

Sort of annoying, but not the end of the world as noone I know likes hockey, so it doesn’t matter if I’m behind.

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Is that ALL games?

Everything except the blackouts.

But yes, I’ve been watching it pretty much every night. I’d say it was worth the much more than this that I paid for it.

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early SCF predictions?

me: any of NYI, TBL, VGK, COL for me

Would agree, favouring Islanders and Vegas. Pens are on their way into form though - he says optimistically.

with a full healthy roster, they will make a deep run. I dunno how long everyone else is out though

Not Columbus… it’s been a brutal watch this season.

I did go and see them last week. An entertaining game it went to overtime and we lost. Which sadly sums up our season. I really rate the players we’ve signed this year but none of them have really gelled and the senior players haven’t got going. Frustrating.

Row Z seats but one of the best views in the house.


feel bad for the BJs but Torts has lost the room. Laine will walk in the offseason so they gave up PLD for nothing. I think they still have a very good team they just need to convince their stars and trades to stick around and maybe get a coach that does not victimise the players

Would there be any joy in following the Nashville Predators or am I better off staying out of it? From what I can tell they seem to be on a bit of a down swing…

they’re on a surge at the moment but have some bad contracts on the books which they may need to offload before they truly are ready to compete


Can I just say, how insanely jealous I am of you being able to physically be in the same building as hockey going on.


Watching them tonight, their goalie insane, I’d say they are worth your time at the moment for that alone. They could sneak into a playoff spot without too much stress IMO