NHL in the UK

Just to rub it in :wink: I went again last night. Same seats as last time! and finally a decent win! The CBJs current run is 3 wins in 16. Second bottom of the division by a point. It’s been brutal. Since the last time I posted we’ve traded our most experienced players - Savard (10 years) and our captain Foligno* (9 years) for some decent draft picks and a couple of other players are out after surgery. The team is barely recognisable compared with a year ago. Who knows if Tortorella will stay, he’s had a shocker.

*rumour has it he will be back in the summer

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just read it’s actually 4 in 22 :man_facepalming:

No way Torts is back, he’s completely lost the room. There’s a good chance Foligno will be though

Awesome, I’m glad you’ve been able to go. I will be jealous again though :grin:
3 in 16, that’s pretty bad. Do you envision that the team might get better as the season progresses somehow or it’s just looking at next year and the draft?

Absolutely no idea when English hockey will get going again with fans in the building. We just had an Elite league series with a few of the teams competing in April, which is nice, but it’s not like being in the building and seeing hockey.
Oh, as an aside, Avangard won the Gagarian cup in the KHL league, beating CSKA 4 games to 2. Saw the final couple, such awesome hockey and a decent time for being in the UK

Is the upcoming World Championship all on youtube in this country (if I’ve read right) and does anyone know if there are any laws against broadcasting this in a pub (beyond having a TV Licence, obviously). I ask because we’re looking to show some of it in the new Czech place and it seems to me, if it’s being broadcast for free on the official channel it’s fine?

Glasgow might even be losing their rink

there’s only 2 games left this season. I don’t think anyone thought CBJ would do this badly off how well they’ve progressed since 2019-20. It’s most likely a Torts problem though

I didn’t know that, that’s really such a shame if that happens. We seem to be losing rinks every year and no new ones being made

As in, Braehead?

saw something about it on reddit

Glasgow Clan are looking to become the new operating company of Braehead arena. Supported by the local MP and Councillors. I hope they get it


Oh they did actually change their name to Glasgow, that makes way more sense than Braehead :rofl:

And… he has gone.

the general vibe from the fan base is… loads of love for the guy but we need a fresh start.

I’m sad to see him go, one of my favourite sports coaches. Pretty entertaining press conferences when he was in a bad mood.

I mean he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to the franchise but he’s not without his flaws and he’s been an absolute dickhead to players in the past for seemingly no reason (Gaborik, PLD, many more)

Oh yes. Lanie being a fine example this season.

But Torts did take a game off to look after his son’s dog

Playoff time. Playoff hockey is the best regardless of who you support. A couple of games you can watch at a respectable hour:

Sun 16MAY 5:00pm - NYI v PIT
Sun 16MAY 8:00pm - VGK v MIN

Fri 21MAY 11.30pm - WAS v BOS

Sat 22MAY - 5:30pm - TBL v FLA
Sat 22MAY 8:00pm - PIT v NYI


many games gone to sudden death OT so far. Absolute heart stopping stuff and some of the best hockey you’ll ever see.

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Absolutely. Been enjoying it, albeit Pens lost.

Confident they’ll get through though. I think.

Boo! Isles in 6

oh boy I didn’t realise it had even started! It’s been busy in Badger Towers recently. Hopefully next week I’ll get the chance to sit down and watch some games.

Rooting for Foligno/ the Maple Leafs.