NHL in the UK

Game 3 NYI/PIT absolute heartbreaker. Game 4 will be live 5.30 Sat

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Bruins are my team, as my wife’s from Parry Sound in Ontario, the home of Bobby Orr, and that’s enough. Also, the Leafs are shite.

For a Canada team, i’d be Ottawa, and for an another team, I’d hit the Dallas Stars as I saw them as my first NHL Team back in 2010.

Also, the Glasgow Clan losing their arena is a fucking sham and a joke. Also, don’t forget Paisley Pirates aswell!

Bruins fan from Ontarya is very niche and also would probably draw a lot of attention at a home game (assume she doesn’t wear enemy colours)

Absolute gut wrenching stuff what happened to JT91 last night. Really hope the guy can pull through! Foligno asking for a fight was really unnecessary

Has that been all confirmed now? I thought the Glasgow Clan were still bidding to become the new operators?

Called it!

Pens can hang this one on Jarry, gotta feel for the guy. Isles will have their hands full against the dirty B’s and tougher goaltending


Got to wonder if this is it for the current cor e

Quite possibly. Big for me as most have been there since I first followed the team/sport. I do think we were unlucky with keepers in that Jarry was basically all we had, and when it wasn’t working, there were no options. Unlucky with timing of injuries.

That said, other teams look a lot stronger, so I doubt we’d have got much further even if we’d squeezed past Islanders.

Caught most of the second half of the Pens/Islanders game last night. End to end stuff, people having a go at each other. It was great stuff. Didn’t see any of the goals either.


to be fair all of the goals had been scored by mid second period

B’s series is actually going to give me heart problems

I’ve got:

Jets in 6 despite losing Scheif
Lightning in 5
Avs in 6
Bruins in 6 (booooo)

USA Vs Canada in the IIHF semi finals today, always a laugh

anyone watching? absolute scenes

good job Canada. Should be a nice draft crop this season. Hope Van takes Hughes but I don’t think he will slip to 9th

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I’m wrong in 3/4 of these lol

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Surprisingly close series between Vegas and the Canadiens isn’t it?