NHL Stanley Cup Final 2019 HYPE

Hello any fans on here? Thinking about watching Game 7 live and taking a half day. Don’t really care for either team oh wait yeah fuck Boston, thanks for 2011

Boston possibly winning a third sports championship in 12 months? runs away screaming

It’s amazing that it’s coming down to game 7. Should be an amazing last game. Gotta be the Blues as well, no way Boston should be winning again.

On another note, are you going to any of the European games next season? It’s so expensive (more than the NFL)

I’ve watched a couple of games. Chara is a nut eh, 43 years old, playing with a broken jaw. Game 7 should be fun.

Rask is in beast mode, B’s have the depth (21 different goal scorers this playoffs alone) and home-ice advantage. I just don’t see them screwing it up unfortunately

Congrats St. Louis, from last place to Cup champs

The forces of evil denied this time!

Absolutely amazing turnaround