NHL starts today



Don’t suppose I can interest anyone in a last minute fantasy league?


Woo hoo! This is gonna be the season that I actually watch properly. I’m changing my alliances from the Lightning to the Hurricanes.

If you can get one started, I would be good for it


wish it wasn’t practically impossible to watch any NHL in the UK

go canucks go!


'Mon the Wings (not actually super bothered, but I got to see Sabres / Redwings in Buffalo earlier this year and it was great fun).


You can watch it online, as the NHL are doing a season pass for $120 for the year or $19.99 per month https://subscribe.nhl.com/international


timezones though :frowning:


Very true, only time I have watched games is on the weekend, as there are some earlier ones then.


might make more of an effort to keep up with the weekend schedule this year, good plan. could probably catch a few saturday canucks night games.


Red Wings are the reason I’m a Lions fan!


I ended up joining some random public league on Yahoo.

Looking forward to catching some games this year. It is really tough to watch all your teams games, I agree. Timezone problems.

Premier Sports show it over here for 12 quid a month.


Just saw this! Fancied joining a league to get back into it as I’ve not really followed the last two seasons…

Go leafs! :maple_leaf: