NHS being hacked

This doesn’t sound good does it

Why are people such cunts?


this isn’t an appropriate emoji

An icon of hate speech

It’s only North Hertfordshire guys

BBC are saying it’s happening across the country

Oh. Well it was clearly bad anyway.

and it would still be a very bad thing if it was only happening in North Hertfordshire



Fuck 'em.

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My moker cap is half way on here.

yeah I’m not really sure this is on to be honest, lads. It’s people in hospital being affected by it and it’s a bit worrying. Maybe save the takes for afterwards



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My company supplies telephone switchboard software to quite a few hospitals. I think we could be affected.


It’s ridiculous how powerful we’ve allowed really angry nerds to become.


To what end? Completely baffling. Lets endanger lives and add some extra strain. Complete and utter cunts.


Shitting hell.

Someone tried to do that to one of our cloud servers recently. Not really a big deal except they did it at the end of the day so the server auto shut down while that was happening (the shut down is controlled externally via the cloud front end).

This meant it was still possible to login but loads of the files were unrecognised but as the ransom stage comes last there was no information. Took me a while to figure out what had happened.


Would that not work here because all the files have been opened etc? (I know nothing about anything - particularly computers)

Sub-human scum. :pensive:

Proper Black Mirror stuff.


Oh sorry, I mean it’s fucked once it’s happened. I was still completely buggered but with the added irritation of not being able to even contact the ransomers if I’d needed to.

I guess there are ways round it. Maybe some bad nerds will become good nerds?