NHS but for (non human) animals



How would you feel about this? Some of your tax goes to an NHS for animals, so if you see a bird in the park and it looks like it’s not doing too good, you could arrange to have it taken to the NHS vet to be sorted. I’d be up for it.


Sounds well Tory.


Isn’t this what the RSPCA does?


how fyds?


I don’t believe so.


Not for me, thanks. I mean, I wish the animals well and that, but it’d be a costly job to keep them all in good health.


The same amount of tax, or is it a Bear Patrol kind of deal?


Spending tax money on animals (e.g. horses, hunting dogs) instead of “scroungers”, a.k.a. human beings.


That wasn’t the intention, I’m not sure where the money would come from, either more taxation or redirect funds from the military because that would really wind up some people who I’ve no problem winding up.


sounds really good. could also be staffed by animals?


Could put that military funding into the people NHS though.


Obviously up for nationalising any industry tbh in the interest of quality and taking power away from the market
Most people are so pet obsessed could see it being an extremely easy policy sell too, could probably get it over with a short lived minion meme campaign.


Especially as the example bird in the OP may well be a migrant…


It seems the RSPCA do have some wildlife centres for this kind of thing but the RSPB don’t.


I’d probably go there for treatment instead of the normal one.

sure the quality of care probably suffers, but the company would be much better


They could call it


Which is currently going spare, I believe.


Feel like as we can barely get the actual NHS working, we’re a bit premature on this.

But in a perfect world I endorse this idea.


Yes and ho.