Nibled anything decent lately?

  • nibled
  • NObled

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Had a nible on the skin around my fingernails earlier.



Did you know that Nibling is a term for nieces OR nephews?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I do now
  • I don’t think it is

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Ah, the daily thread

I’ve been nibbling a fair bit of refrigerated Aero shards

Oooh, I would enjoy that.

Did you?

During lockdown you are allowed in the daily thread. It’s a rule I invented.

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Yeah, I love them. What’s happened right, is that Bo’s have maintained all their “current offers” during this time of “COVID19” and so “Aero” has been consistently priced at “69p” which is “nice” so I’ve been buying shittonnes of the tackle.

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I say niecephews.

I have niecephews so it is handy.

that’s how they get you

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