Nice magazines πŸ“š


Do you read/buy/have thought of getting any and which ones if so? I mean the ones that are collectible like cereal or lula!



you mean like the DeAgostini build a replica apache helicopter, first issue only 99p ones?


When I was a kid I used to buy Total Guitar, genuinely quite helpful but had a huge unnecessary bone on for crap modern metal that meant they reviewed any gear to the contrary unfavourably.


Anything nice enough to keep! Not like that back bit of the Sunday Times for example or the 50p ones with stories like β€œmy toddler is a psychic!!”


Got a few issues of Mundial which is a lovely mag but the content didn’t quite match the quality of the actual physical item so I stopped subscribing


I bought Total Guitar for a couple of years, mad when you think it was Β£5 a month. What a waste (the tabs were good though).


These Football Times


I used to read Arthur and when i finally bought a years’ subscription they closed a month or two later :frowning: good mag that was

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Used to love Plan B magazine, still find good recommendations in the old issues.


Not a reply to Eric.


I hate magazines because I’m a hoarder and can’t :bear: to throw them away


Excellent this^ing