Nice or Annoying (Poll thread)


Just went to the kitchen to fill up my water bottle and this lady told me to make sure I ran the tap for a bit because she’d just used the hot water and i wouldn’t want a warm bottle of water would i!!! Is this…

  • Nice
  • Annoying

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had any similar nice/annoying experiences of your own recently?


Why the fuck would that be annoying!?


i’m gonna get slaughtered for this, aren’t i?


Because nobody tells eric what to do yeah? He’s his own maaaaaan man.


You should do


there’s gotta be a few misanthropes who’ll side with me. epimer? sad? anyone/???


Oh no?


totally with you on this. I take all small pieces of advice like this as a personal insult




You’re a monster :joy:


I mean, I’m genuinely not sure what bit is potentially annoying here, is it the fact you had to run the tap for a second or the fact that a human being spoke to you without your express permission or what?


was it the way she said it or something? because the information she’s given you is just useful isn’t it, why would it be annoying?


just to hone that a bit: I think it’s when someone advises me to do something that I was going to do anyway. can’t bear it.


just tell em to brown off.


very poor joke


i generally do my best to avoid any form of unnecessary social interaction and i’m still struggling to see how this well-intentioned bit of advice could possibly be considered annoying…


to road to hell is paved with well-intentions


ah yeah, this makes sense. I do get wound up a bit being told to do something I’m already in the process of, but I don’t think this particular example would bother me


but wouldn’t 100% of people run the tap anyway whether she’d been there or not? i’m not going to fill my bottle up with hot water am i?


not now she’s helpfully told you not to, no