Nice places to wait

a bus stop in the countryside after a nice summer day out.

you aren’t in a rush and there’s a bit of a wait for the one bus per hour, but there’s somewhere nice to wait, and you can even have a wander out into a nearby meadow or field for a bit.

  • That’s a nice place to wait
  • That’s not
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This happened to me a couple of weeks back when I was out for a bike ride. Unfortunately trees only have limited capacity for holding water off, my tree reached its limit and I got soaked.

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Don’t like waiting for really infrequent buses, always worry they’ve just decided not to run them :persevere:

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this is true

it’s something I enjoyed as a child, because getting home wasn’t my responsibility

also I had a cute book about some woodland animals who miss some buses home because they get distracted by, for example, going to pick strawberries