Nice Synths

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wrong link lol

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try a Qasar M8 m9

Phwoooaaarrrr. PINGER!

that’s £300,000 of synth right there^

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Mate, you can’t be sending me NSFW pics like that while I’m at work!! :eggplant:

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“Now I can throw it away, I never want to use it again in the rest of my life” :joy:

Man, this is just ridiculous!!

isn’t it?

here’s my favourite synth demo on the web though - just beautiful

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Sense you could be sending me down a hole here and no work getting done for the rest of the day. This stuff is awesome.

I really could post all day

Could watch all day.

I love sticking these vids on. Just casually going out for a drive with the 303 like

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VST synth / plugin sub thread

Anyone got any recommendations? I’ve got Alchemy (which I love, but use waay too much) but I’m in the market for a new one. I quite like the look of Omnisphere 2, although the amount of space I’d need, puts me off. I quite like the look of Hive and Razor. I’m more into using presets than actual ‘using it as a synth’.

Recently bought Native Instrument scarbee Rickenbaker bass, which is flipping phenomenal. I’m going to get the scarbee funk guitar as well, I think.

@anon86369613 @BodyInTheThames do you guys use Ableton? I recently acquired a copy and cannot get any plugins to sync with it at all. Like I do the whole ‘rescan’ thing in preferences but the plugins folder is completely empty. I thought Ableton came bundled with some already and they’re nowhere to be seen never mind 3rd party.

Any ideas lads?