Nice things about your home: a positivity thread

Big bad boy bay windows

Alcove and floorboards in the dining room are nice


Will hopefully not be there too much longer


have it all to myself

Very light, good sized rooms.

Still love the laundry chute from our bedroom to the basement.


Ah man that’s whassup. Might make a leisure centre flume style one round the outside of the house


loads of windows everywhere
like our floor a lot
we’ve redecorated pretty much all of it now so it feels like ours
back garden and shed
it’s 1 minute from my favourite pub

Super cheap. When I get to move back, I could take a substantial pay cut and still be better off than I am in London.

Really great location - can walk to most places, loads of buses if not.

At the back of the building so all you hear outside are birds. Our last place was at the front, overlooking the street, and I found it really hard to sleep in the summer from the random bursts of noise. Also I’ve made friends with some cats that hang out there!!!

I love coming home to it and after 100 days without a sofa I will never take them for granted ever again.

Think my favourite thing is our dining table, used to have every meal off our laps on a sofa in our old flat and the novelty of a dining table is not wearing off.

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It’s pretty big by 2 bed Cambridge rental property standards - 20 ft by 15 ft living room, and the same again for the kitchen/dining room, then a long garden.

I hate everything else about it, though, so this is sneakily a downside because it’s made all the other similarly priced places feel tiny.

Location, location, location.

I’m not racist but…we’re basically in a very muslim area - so one of the best things is “no white people”.

don’t get me wrong, I’ve nothing against white people but they get drunk all the time, have loud barbecues and generally act like dicks*. apart from a few fireworks around Eid and that - these people are fine.

*this may be from bitter experience of having some terrible neighbours in the past

have you… you know?

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It’s bigger than anywhere I’ve lived before
It’s got my lovely family in it
It’s only 45 seconds walk to the pub
It’s really close to the centre of town

We should go for a pint some time


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There’s actually a toilet in the basement next to the washing machine and tumble drier. Could feasibly set up a @craigfoley hamster piss tube from the bedroom…


I just meant have you bundled yourself down it. Not have you pissed in it! what the hell is wrong with you?


Having a separate office has improved my mental health loads

Location - technically in town but nice and quiet, opposite our favourite pub

The building management company are sound