Nice things on in London this weekend


Hello. Me and my boyfrend are going out for a nice meal tomorrow night but we thought we would do some other stuff in the afternoon. Like what?


Kew gardens! My #1 rec (plus it’s beautiful in April!)


take him up the oxo tower?


M&Ms World


David Hockney at Tate Britain
Ryoji Ikeda at Almine Rech
Pablo Picasso at the Gagosian (Grosvenor Hill branch)
Sidney Nolan at the Australia House


been there quite a lot before hmm


been there loads too. I took my friend there and tried to explain why it was funny but he didn’t get it at all and asked if we could leave :frowning:


Beer Mile

  • Japanese House at the Barbican

And DIY popfest too.


Yeah I’d probably go to the Hockney thing and try and forget his actual existence


The hair today/gone tomorrow thing tomorrow afternoon at the diy space looks really good too


Some other ideas here:


Been to that but wasn’t blown away. It lacks substance.


I liked it. It wasn’t AMAZING, but quite fun, nonetheless.




Struggling to come up with a pun here


Go to richmond park and see some deer


done that too Fenton


what bit of town are you gonna be in?


restaurant is around Marylebone I think, getting the bus to/from Victoria I think
going here for dinner