Nice things to do for someone

A pal is having a bit of a tough time and I am a total ideas vacuum. What are some nice things to do for someone / with someone? What would you like someone to do for / with you if you were a bit fed up?

:+1: hope you are are having a nice day!

Really hard to say without knowing who the person is/their likes/circumstances.

As a total unknown answer, treat them to a nice meal or something at a place they’d like?

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Just checking in with them etc can be enough, as TKC says really depends on the person. I sometimes send someone something they may find funny / interesting if they are feeling low.


Along similar lines to @TKC’s & @roastthemonaspit’s suggestions, if they drink coffee/hot drink etc maybe get them their favourite drink and provide a catch up/check in at the same time.

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Yeah, can be really hard to gauge. What might help one person might be stressful for another.

Maybe just let you know you love them. Might sound throwaway, but a mate text me something along those lines recently and for someone someone who’s a bit of an empty vessel in terms of displays of affection and has spent his whole life sticking to a very regimental list of broad talking topics, it perked me up a bit.


totally dependent on the situation, but a nice walk with some tasty cakes and a flask of tea/coffee where you can properly check in with them and listen to what they have going on and let them know that you are there, even just as an ear to bend

book them a massage if you have any spare funds.

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Yo! Yeah wanted to keep it loose to try and minimise any triggering really, these are all nice thoughtful suggestions though! :+1:

A nice check in with a proper purpose, not just a throwaway thought.

A walk with a flask

Just someone taking the time to engage with me is good enough tbh. I’m a simple man.

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This is my answer for everything, but send them a kilo of pick’n’mix.




this is a good shout actually. a kilo of pretty much any sweets, i bought someone a kilo of mini eggs - probably my most successful present buying ever



Keep checking in, like not just once but keep sending ‘here if you need/want’ messages even if there is no response. And tell them you don’t need a response.


This is gonna seem like I’m dicking on Slicky’s suggestion but I’ve found Don’t Buy Her Flowers quite good for situations like this, you can create care packages to be posted out and they have ready made ones for various situations. A few months ago I sent one to a mate who had a horrible breakup that had things like fancy teabags, chocolate, a silly magazine and a candle.