Nice things to do when stuck inside at home

Seeing as we’re gonna be spending a lot of time at home for the foreseeable future, let’s share ideas of nice stuff we can do at home

Not gonna #ssp the thread but please be mindful that people might be feeling anxious at the moment so think twice before posting jokes that might not be taken in the way you’re intending

I’m gonna actually get through some of my Japanese homework that I’ve been putting off for weeks, get back into doing a bit of yoga at home and finally put up the posters I got framed months ago


Because I’m a real grown up, my initial thought was to quote any activities you suggested and supply the obligatory, “Never heard it…” response.

Never heard it etc.

It wouldn’t be that funny but I’d laugh.


Surely the home yoga would have been a better bet


What I’m planning to do -

Learn a whole bunch of 90s Mogwai songs on the guitar
Re read the entire ian m banks Culture series
Complete a mammoth rpg like divinity original sin or something

What I’ll actually do

-try and stop my kids climbing the walls
-remote teach my exam classes so they don’t all fail their a levels and gcses


That was a bit obvious! If I was really trying, I thought the framed posters were way more ludicrous and therefore funnier.

Going to repot the houseplants, which all seem to have doubled in size since it got slightly warmer. Have lots of virtuous ideas about reading loads, doing yoga/HIIT at home and picking duolingo back up but in truth I’ll probably just finish Red Dead Redemption at long last.

Sort out the garden
Read books
Play Zelda
Cook things that I wouldn’t normally


All of this but replace gardening with start playing the guitar again

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Got a wee grow your own chillis set for Xmas that I’ve been meaning to plant up for a few weeks.

Finish trimming the bushes in the garden.

Tidy the garage up (although this sort of requires a trip out to the tip).

Probably just watch TV and play on the Xbox until my eyes are on fire instead.

Suppose this is a list of personal admin, rather than suggestions of nice things for all - Smarten your gardens and tidy your outbuildings folks!

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Write stories
Play games
Catch up on podcasts
Write some letters
Stare out of the window
Make a stop frame animation with blu tac


First thing on the list is going to be learning the rules to this behemoth that arrived from Kickstarter this week:

So that’s the first three weeks taken care of.


I’m probably going to make some music, do some work, hopefully finish reading my book, and also attempt to entertain an extremely high-energy six-year-old. Oh yeah, I’m terraforming Mercury at the moment in TerraGenesis, so I’ll probably try and build a flourishing ecosystem there.

Read books
Tidy up


Oh yeah, going to try to clean also. Everything always needs cleaning anyway.

zwift on the turbo

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Literally everything I enjoy doing doesn’t require leaving the house so I feel 100% prepared for this scenario.

  • Board games
  • Computer games
  • Playing musical instruments poorly
  • Reading
  • watching YouTube videos of people falling over

Got well into an MMO in the last month or so and have got several years of #content in the Lord of the Rings solo/co-op card game to catch up on. Done.


Had 2 ideas both DiS based

  1. DiS Chess League - Kik tried something a while back but would be a good thing to fill up time
  2. DiS Classic Football - every Sunday (or whenever) we watch 1 or 2 old matches we can find on YouTube or whatever at the same time. Maybe 1 classic classic at 4 pm and one abit more obscure at 1pm

I’m going to learn to play the accordion

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  1. Write a Herbert Spellerman novel

Finish my album, generally do creative stuff

Might look at free online courses as well and learn stuff


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