Nice to see that...

…quite a few supermarkets have stopped including salsa in their festive dip quadrants.

Been suggesting it for years.

Now we just need them to give us two portions of nice pinky-orangey stuff and a MAXIMUM two of assorted white ones that taste like PVA glue smells.

Why can’t we just have some fucking houmous with it, ffs? Twats.


Hummus with crisps is a fad I am not down for

This year i bought onion and garlic dip in solation and I’m much happier for it. I also got cheese and chive for nostalgia reasons but not even that nice.

Weird how they are all the worst dips but I cant get enough of them come December.


We’ve put a man on the moon, surely we can work out a way to make a cheap quartered plastic tray and fill it with guacamole, pink stuff, chilli jam and houmous, fucking hell.

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They’re sneakily prepping us for Brexit rationing

Had three big tubes of Pringles to myself in 24 hours.

I’m such a fat bastard.

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Finally one of these that I agree with

Reckon i want a tray with three of those delicious pinkish whitish monstrosities, then a salsa, a couple of hummuses, some fresh guac, for those people who pretend it’s actually nice like that, so they don’t take too much of the cheese white one, and finally some of thar spicy red stuff you get at some of the Mediterranean stores.

Edit: Cemen dip, that’s the shit!

The Old El Paso community won’t like that.


Nice to see your home fans boo you

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Also doesn’t hummus go off real quick? Probably what

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Can’t agree more with this post :grinning:

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