Nice weather today, eh?

Got two loads out and stained a bench.

Maybe it’s not such a bad world.

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Could you not wait until you found a toilet? Poor bench


I’m glad you’re having a nice time

Thank you, that is very kind.

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I was talking to @rich-t, sorry.

That is still kind, just to someone else. Thank you.


Gorgeous out there, isnt it!


Dont jinx it u dummy! I feel a sense if energy and glee I’ve not felt all year and if it goes I’ll hold you souly responsible

I’ve just done the second coat so it can rain in a couple of hours.

show us your bench

it’s been lovely Balonz thank you for noticing

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Is that the sea?

Unfortunately not! That is a lot of cloud obscuring Dartmoor.

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It’s still drying

lovely. really gives me feelings of the great outdoors.


You missed a bit

God damn it

It’s unbelievable how many surfaces there are on a bench.

I have a little stain left and will be giving it the once over tomorrow.

Looks like it should be at least a twice over to me. At least.

Fuck you, pal! It’s still drying!