Niche claims to fame



we went to a pub in canterbury last night called the dolphin, which had this sign outside:

please use this thread to document and discuss other obscure claims to fame.


That is going to be incredibly hard to beat. :smiley:




I’ve been to “Lower Austria’s finest stalactite cave”.


New life goal: buy a 1930’s built pub in Canterbury and rename it ‘The Manatee’



there’s a guy who lives near me who does a michael buble tribute act called ‘michael duble’ and his slogan is “the uk’s most credible michael buble tribute act”, which i really like as well.


that cave does look pretty cool!


Were they truly screen free inside?


does he use a dube?


i don’t remember seeing any screens, but i was mostly distracted by a guy at the bar who looked really like macaulay culkin


ah, that would have been the UK’s most credible Macaulay Culkin tribute act


I Googled to see if there was anyone making a living as a Macauley Culkin tribute act and I found this:


Cranleigh claims to be England’s biggest village, dunno why it can’t just accept its a town


I was there last weekend.

I saw this sign outside a new record shop, not far from The Dolphin:


It was really good! And it had lots of bats inside. The exit leaves you halfway up the mountain without warning though, on a steep path with no handrail.


Victoria’s Bar on Brighton Pier has “probably the most interesting ceiling you’ll ever see”.


Jorge Luis Borges writes all the Buble songs.


a shop name that’s also a pun? surely not!


Wakefield loves this