Niche dramas in your hobbies/interests/jobs

There was a reddit thread on this that was surprisingly good, but I believe we can do better.

HOBBIES: Android: Netrunner has sadly been killed off due to the termination of a license between the current publishers and the maker of the original Netrunner game from 1995. It was assumed that the licensing costs were increased to unaffordable levels, but there is now a source saying that it as offered for renewal at the same price…

WORK: a key European patent to CRISPR was recently revoked for reasons that are far too tedious to get into. Last week, someone filed an obviously fake declaration at the European Patent Office claiming to be from the attorney who was handling the case, saying “sorry my bad this is all my fault”. Nobody has any idea why.

Two pretty fucking weak examples to start with, so now you do better, alright?

I do not understand much of this post.

Oh I thought the 2 things were linked… a bit clearer.

First story: someone’s lying.

Second story: someone’s lost the plot

I’ve nothing to add but I’d like to imagine that CRISPR is a giant Crisp-man from space who sits on a throne and hands down judgements on patents. Is this so?


Close: it’s the technology that will, some day, allow such a being to exist.


CRISPR is the go-to dating app for single pringles who like to mingle.


Work: They’ve just announced who is being promoted to be being my line-manager-manager. It is widely regarded as being good for my department but I’m slightly uncomfortable because I now really fancy my line-manager-manager.

You should buy the net runner license

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It’s a completely unnecessary license anyway. Well, was. Don’t get me started, this will be my The Force Awakens.


Is it just unprofitable or something and they want to end it?

Nobody knows, which is the frustrating thing. But they did a soft relaunch around six months ago and it immediately sold out, so unlikely.

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CRISPR is where you keep the vegetables in your fridge

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The craft beer world is reeling from the news that beloved Tottenham stalwarts Beavertown are selling a minority (probably 49%) stake to Heineken. It’s produced all of the hot takes you’d usually expect, but has an extra frisson for devoted beer writer wankers like me, because a couple of months back, Boak & Bailey (a very good beer blog) wrote a piece where they pointed out how many of Beavertown’s recent moves (closing their original restaurant, selling in Waitrose, contract brewing abroad) were typical indicators of a brewery preparing to sell out. This prompted a big backlash from Good Beer Hunting (another beer blog, but ALSO a brand consultancy that works with breweries and therefore must be treated with some suspicion), who attacked B&B for being defamatory, malicious, rumour-mongers. Now they’ve been shown to be prescient, GBH has refused to backtrack, and the drama is HIGH.


This doesn’t even include half the details it could, count yourselves lucky.


I know that feeling, pal.

The subtweeting has been magnificent though.

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Neck Oil and Gamma Ray are great beers, eh?


I don’t really care for Neck Oil but Gamma Ray is excellent.

The abhorrent wanker who started the online manbaby assault of Marvel’s female staff has written his own comic and is crying because loads of comic shops are refusing to stock it.
I read the premise of the comic and it’s so utterly white-male-fantasy cliche. It looks SOOOO bad. :joy::joy::joy:


As bad or worse than those Patrick Rothfuss novels?