Niche dramas in your hobbies/interests/jobs

Close: it’s the technology that will, some day, allow such a being to exist.


CRISPR is the go-to dating app for single pringles who like to mingle.


Work: They’ve just announced who is being promoted to be being my line-manager-manager. It is widely regarded as being good for my department but I’m slightly uncomfortable because I now really fancy my line-manager-manager.

It’s a completely unnecessary license anyway. Well, was. Don’t get me started, this will be my The Force Awakens.


Nobody knows, which is the frustrating thing. But they did a soft relaunch around six months ago and it immediately sold out, so unlikely.

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CRISPR is where you keep the vegetables in your fridge

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The craft beer world is reeling from the news that beloved Tottenham stalwarts Beavertown are selling a minority (probably 49%) stake to Heineken. It’s produced all of the hot takes you’d usually expect, but has an extra frisson for devoted beer writer wankers like me, because a couple of months back, Boak & Bailey (a very good beer blog) wrote a piece where they pointed out how many of Beavertown’s recent moves (closing their original restaurant, selling in Waitrose, contract brewing abroad) were typical indicators of a brewery preparing to sell out. This prompted a big backlash from Good Beer Hunting (another beer blog, but ALSO a brand consultancy that works with breweries and therefore must be treated with some suspicion), who attacked B&B for being defamatory, malicious, rumour-mongers. Now they’ve been shown to be prescient, GBH has refused to backtrack, and the drama is HIGH.


This doesn’t even include half the details it could, count yourselves lucky.


I know that feeling, pal.

The subtweeting has been magnificent though.

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Neck Oil and Gamma Ray are great beers, eh?


I don’t really care for Neck Oil but Gamma Ray is excellent.

The abhorrent wanker who started the online manbaby assault of Marvel’s female staff has written his own comic and is crying because loads of comic shops are refusing to stock it.
I read the premise of the comic and it’s so utterly white-male-fantasy cliche. It looks SOOOO bad. :joy::joy::joy:


As bad or worse than those Patrick Rothfuss novels?

I don’t know what those are (worth a look?) but this is almost certainly worse.

The lead character is blatantly him, he has a muscley black sidekick and a female with empathy powers or something.

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I wonder if fyd is still alienating himself from regional indie rock scenes

I was in the Brewdog in Camden last night (prior to attending this Last night's gig was - #1125 by Petagno) and this was the talk of the place. I heard two separate punters ask the barman what he though about it, as he is obviously ‘in the biz’.

Makes you really admire Brewdog for their independent punk spirit though doesn’t it…

I’ve had to quote regulations (specifically 2.5.1 and 2.5.8) to someone today who still refuses to do what the fuck they’re supposed to do. Despite the REGULATIONS.

Twitter beef between Westside Gunn and Agallah

They’re a decent read but they’re horrific male power fantasies. The protagonist is a warrior/scholar/genius musician who at one point gets taught how to do a sex by the goddess of sex or something.

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