Niche dramas in your hobbies/interests/jobs

I was in the Brewdog in Camden last night (prior to attending this Last night's gig was - #1125 by Petagno) and this was the talk of the place. I heard two separate punters ask the barman what he though about it, as he is obviously ‘in the biz’.

Makes you really admire Brewdog for their independent punk spirit though doesn’t it…

I’ve had to quote regulations (specifically 2.5.1 and 2.5.8) to someone today who still refuses to do what the fuck they’re supposed to do. Despite the REGULATIONS.

Twitter beef between Westside Gunn and Agallah

They’re a decent read but they’re horrific male power fantasies. The protagonist is a warrior/scholar/genius musician who at one point gets taught how to do a sex by the goddess of sex or something.

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Sounds like something Terry Goodkind would write.

Someone has stolen the toaster from the kitchen in one of the warehouses.

There has been some beef recently on the Brighton Mountain Bike Facebook group

basically some div built some doubles (jumps where there is a take off and a landing but a gap in the middle) smack bang in the middle of a well established, busy, fast trail. Sensible people wanted them removed, less sensible people decided they were fun and should stay. Sure enough someone hurt themselves quite badly on them and they have been removed.

This has led to some additional fallout around the whole subject of how few people help maintain trails vs people who ride them.

I’m not sure it’s possible to have a civil facebook group really

Aye, Duke’s was a great wee spot.

My Lord of the Rings card game ones are fine. The Game of Thrones card game ones, however, are a cesspool.

I like Lupaloid quite a lot

I think the biggest babies are those who commited to be at that Beavertown event that are now pulling out. It makes them look incredibly unprofessional.

My tweet about the chat making me want a Neck Oil has 31 likes (!!!)


Gym: I found out yesterday that a lady at my old gym was shagging all the instructors despite being married. That’s about it tbh. Wasn’t exactly shocking tho.

Work: Some dramas about someone IMing the person they were slagging off instead of the person they were meant to send it to.

Yeah it’s a tricky situation, I can understand why a lot of breweries will be uncomfortable being involved in the event, but they’d already committed to it and it’s the punters who bought tickets on the basis of their involvement who will suffer the most.

This happened last year in my office, someone was chatting shit about their manager then accidentally sent one to the manager. They got canned in the end as they were on probation (I think it was part of a pattern of behaviour).

Not my dramaz, but a mate of mine’s in an orchestra and fuck me it sounds like Made in Chelsea for geeks. They’re all shagging, all absolutely tank the booze and substances, all absolutely manic, generally just a really fucking horrible, hyper-political, really cliquey environment.

Find it absolutely fascinating. Not sure how much it says about me that my main titillation at the minute’s coming from second-hand stories about the sex lives of a few classical musicians, but to a person they’re absolute psychopaths.

(I’m sure some orchestras are nice, like).


I’ve heard that boozing is quite a big problem in a lot of orchestras

I heard that the brass section like a toot.


My other half played in the same orchestra as the woman in this story :no_mouth:

Doesn’t surprise me this. When you think that to make it as a professional musician you need to be super devoted to it from a young age, have been conditioned to a life of being validated for your talents, entered into a highly competitive field, etc etc, I can imagine you get a lot of very odd types who thrive in the end. It doesn’t surprise us when sportspeople in a similar situation end up going off the rails to compensate.

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